ASF & Canada’s Pork Industry 

Keeping our herd healthy and disease-free is a critical priority.

Although African Swine Fever (ASF) is harmless to humans and poses no food safety risk, it is possible that despite all efforts, ASF may enter Canada. As it spreads around the globe, it poses a significant risk to the health of the Canadian swine herd, the pork industry and the Canadian economy.

ASF can spread between pigs through both direct and indirect contact with other infected pigs or pig products, and through contaminated farm equipment, feed and clothing.  As a result, strict biosecurity procedures are in place on farms and at the borders to protect our pig herd.

ASF in Canada could seriously the Canadian pork industry, retailers and foodservice operations who sell pork and companies that export pork to other nations, as well as countries that rely on our products as a source of nutrition.  It is in everyone’s interest to take ASF prevention seriously, and that’s what the Canadian industry and government are doing.

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