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African Swine Fever (ASF) is a pig disease  that is harmless to humans, pets and other animals.   When it occurs in pigs, it can be very serious and causes a high mortality rate.

As a result, it poses a significant risk to the pork industry and the Canadian economy if it occured in Canada.  Pork products are safe to eat– and you can enjoy them with confidence. ASF does not pose any food safety concerns.

ASF has never been detected in Canada. Still, this is a very stressful time for pig producers. Given the rapid global spread of the disease, producers have prepared for the possibility that ASF may enter Canada and implemented strict biosecurity practices in an effort to protect the pig herd. 

The pork industry, in lockstep with the Canadian government, has a comprehensive rapid response plan to contain and eradicate ASF if it occurs, including restrictions on transporting animals from affected areas, sanitization processes and careful surveillance. 

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African Swine Fever: how to stay one step ahead.